Saturday, December 12, 2009

Google Voice: the coolest thing ever!

I've been using Google Voice for several months now, and I love it even more than I love Gmail -- Google's internet email system.

What is Google Voice, you ask?

Watch the video attached here for more explanations, but in short its a free internet telephone service that allows you to use one phone number for all your numbers.

For example, you can choose a phone number, then give it out to everyone to use. It replaces your home, business and cell numbers, by ringing all those (and more if you want) when the caller dials your Google Voice number.

Now, I hear what you're thinking: "Good grief! The last thing I need is people able to reach all those numbers! I get too many phone calls as it is, Ben!"

Well, Boopsie, I've got great news for you. You get to control who reaches those numbers and when they ring. Have an annoying pest who calls you all the time? No problem, set their number to always go to voicemail.

Want to keep your home phone from ringing during dinner? Again, no problem -- you can set it to never ring during the evening dinner hour and automatically go to voicemail instead.

Pretty cool huh?

But as the TV pitchmen say, "That's not all!" Remember how it was back in the days of yore when we first had physical answering machines? Remember how you could screen your calls by listening to the call as it came in and deciding whether to pick up or not?

Yep, Google Voice will do that too.

Another cool feature: have you ever wanted to record a call while you were on it? With Google Voice, you can. Just hit the asterisk (IIRC) key on your phone and you can instantly record those long-winded directions your country friend is giving you.

There are tons of features like these, but I'll give you just one more and then you can go watch the video. Have you ever started a call in your office, but really needed to leave and start making your way home? With Google Voice you can seamlessly transfer a call while in progress to one of your other phones -- from your office to your cell, for instance, and then transfer it again from your cell to your home phone when you get there.

Neat, huh?

Unfortunately, here's the bad part. You can't have it right now. Google Voice is only in limited release and only by invitation. If you want an invite, let me know and I'll send you one when I get more to hand out.

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